We made a new friend!

When we opened up our kitchen space to another business, we didn’t expect to make a new, lasting, friend! When people join our team, we keep in touch via social media, but not on this level. We still message each other our small wins, and those new toys we are excited about. Stephanie ran her cake business in our kitchen, since January, and in 5 months now has the opportunity to have her own space!!  We are so proud of her! We will refer Stephanie, as much as we can, when it comes to cakes. She can create a lot of custom cakes, and has her own style/methods to produce beautiful cakes.  🎊🎉 

Reach her >>>> 📞 573-721-8605


Stephanie plays tough and doesn’t want babies in her space, but she is a total softie!  ❤️❤️❤️(  I did not ask or expect her to grab Karlee. It just happened, and not reoccurring) 

As a small business, it’s exciting to offer new things, figure out our own products, and continue to get better! While we probably don't see another opportunity to open up our kitchen space, we both feel like we learned so much from each other. It was the perfect situation, and perfect timing. 

The number one thing we have learned in the past 5 months

Stay True to what we do. In all regards. While we weren't focusing on cakes, we got 100% better at making Decorated and drop cookies. Our writing improved, our icing improved, and small batches of dough remained consistent...It was a such a pleasure to focus 100%. This is going to be our 3rd year in business and these are the types of risks and chances  I’d take over and over again. 

Check out some of our recent: Then and Now Photos


Year ONE VS year 2-These were some of the very first cookies to be made in store! 0 experience

Year One Vs This year- we've gotten a little better :)


Year TWO vs Now- Our writing improved and the layout of theme colors. We will refocus on buttercream cookies and be sure to add those back in. Those were fun to do, and delicious!

Will we still offer Cakes as before? NO

Cupcakes? Cake parfaits we had in store? Cake pop flavors every week? Cupcake Cakes? In short YES. It adds to our menu without taking away from it. BUTTTTT not without creating our own style. We have tried to avoid making cakes, but the truth is, we will just focus on what will make them "ours" before taking on too much. We won’t make too many custom cakes or cupcakes though. We will leave our custom work to helping you celebrate with cookies. Stay tuned for what's in store, and we appreciate the support! 






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  • I think your cookies have been amazing and delicious since day one. And l loved your cakes, too. When Stephanie started at your shop I thought it was a great sharing of space. I wish her the best of luck in her own shop. I am also glad that you will continue to make cookies and not start a sewing business😊.

    Donna Watson

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