Meet Eddie

It takes a second to warm up to new pieces of equipment. Even the thought of buying them. It's a whole process for us, and requires some thought and learning the in's and outs of a design program. Well, I took the leap, and now we would like to introduce Eddie, the edible ink printer. 


Eddie has completely blown the minds of cookie decorators in most of the groups we are in. As it helps to create consistent images and can print photos directly onto cookies. Most of the people I know with this machine, focuses on making their own logo cookies, or logo cookies for other businesses. They also make many background designs an airbrush would once create. We are SUPER EXCITED to add on this service, and to do so on a consistent level. Check out some actual work from our new friend Eddie ^_^


Logo Cookies

Photo Credit (Posted with Permission) : Ashleys Baking Creations

Designed image for a wedding favor

Photo Credit (Posted with Permission) : @AllysConfectionary 

Now, even with the machine, I am learning how far behind I am on trends, new toys, etc. ha! If you knew me, you'd know I still need to make PAPER COPIES of orders, so I can physically touch the orders in my hand. Now, I am not too in the dark when it comes to technology, but I will say that I have my hands full and a learning curve to manage. 


If you are reading this, comment on the original post, and we will enter you to win our first set that can print on our new machine. Give them as a gift to another business, or even let us print photos for you, directly onto the cookies. We cant wait to ice our first batch and land a big order! As a small business those help even out our day to day. 





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