First Post: Write anything that comes to mind, right?

I have always wanted to blog. Mainly because I write poetry and I have countless journals from different periods of my life. It's my safe place. I don't judge my writings, or even the grammar. I just let it flow. 

Now, here I am wanting to start a blog for business. Professional. That is what I keep telling myself. PROFESSIONAL. COHERENT. This is the place where I can talk about the small business, news, trends, and just share general information on where we are. I can’t lie, I can share too much information at times. 


have you seen any of our post?! So if you choose to click a little more and are here, thank you! I’m hoping to give a little insight while we journey through our small little store on the square of Mexico Mo, while keeping our post a little more regulated lol

I’ve been dreaming of this blog. 


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