Competition Style Decorating Party

Competition Style Decorating Party

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Decorating parties comes with everything you need to enjoy the company of friends or family. You can come up with your own theme, or allow us to come up with designs.


Each person has their own station of cookies, space and icing bags. Due to COVID-19 this is the only option we will have at the moment. Choose to share stations, space and bags of icing at your own risk.

Limited instruction. This party is meant to be A FUN SOCIAL, decorating your cookies as you choose. We will have some examples out, and give a mini tutorial. After that, you are free to do as you wish. 


Choose your class type.

Competition- This class type is set up like a competition with different stations. Each station will have different items to use to create your masterpiece. You can choose a judge or allow us to post the pictures to our social media for voting! 

We will still contact you so we can gather all details. 

Choose number of cookies

We currently offer 4, 6, and 12 cookies/Cupcakes

Choose buttercream or royal icing, Cookies or Cupcakes

Buttercream  options are more of a spatula style of decorating or a line method. Designs are limited, and based more on your personal artistic skill. Royal icing is a little more fluid, and can be decorated numerous ways, even for a beginner. 

 Put a proposed date in mind in the comment section and we will call you


All party sales are non refundable. They can be changed and transferred at any time. Once we book a day and time, we limit orders on our calendar to accommodate your time in the kitchen. In the event you want to cancel, please contact via phone at least 2 days in advance! This gives us time to cancel prepping the items.