New Hours!

Well, time flies extremely fast, but we are ready  to serve you all over again! Our new hours are changed in all of the places imaginable. (hopefully! If you happen to come across any hours that don't reflect the change, shoot us a message, and we can get it corrected!)


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More Info: Reopening hours wont immediately mean we will get everything right. Some items (may) still not be available, but will be prepped and baked throughout the day. We are currently hiring and training new staff. Please give us some grace! There will be a period of finding the right individuals to join our crew. Unfortunately, before finding our current/past AMAZING staff, we hired over 31 people!

Crazy to even think about the turnover, (many reasons from finding a fulltime job, graduating high school, going into another field, not customer service oriented, missing shifts, etc) but as the business grows, so does my knowledge. I do not have all of the answers, but I 100% will figure it out. Until then, Dustin, Abby and I will be ready to serve you daily rocking our new shirts made by the one and only Graphitti <3 

Can we make it into a cookie?!

cookie club shirts, mexico mo

What does this even mean? LOL

Have an idea to celebrate a milestone? Anniversary? Funny slogan you always say? Best picture taken this year? Can we make it into a cookie?  ^_^ DECORATED OR BAKED we can accommodate 


Hope to see you all in store this week, Celebrating with Cookies 



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